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Hi, this site will provide all what you need in System i and RPG developments.

My Name is Chamara Withanachchi, System i Expert and RPG Developer. And in the field for last 11 years.

I hope you will find lot of valuable information from this site

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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   
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RPG IV at IBM i 7.1

Sort and search data structure arrays
Support for ALIAS names
Built-in functions
Scan and Replace new Built-in Function - %SCANRPL
   %SCANRPL(pattern : 
            replacement : 
            searchData { : start { : length } )
Prototypes are now optional
Performance improvement for returning large values
New options for XML-INTO
Implicit parameter conversion between alphanumeric, UCS-2 and Graphic
The listing debug view can be encrypted (Can have a password)
Support for the teraspace storage model
Support for Open Access: RPG Edition
More Details : RPGIV with IBM i 7.1

IBM i 7.1 enhancements

DB2® for i enhancements including XML support and enablement of column-level encryption
IBM i storage management enhancements for automatic data placement for solid-state drives (SSDs)
IBM i virtual partition enhancements via IBM i and PowerVM VIOS
Enhancements to Web application serving technologies including Apache, Java, Integrated Web Application Server, Integrated Web Services Server, and Zend PHP environment
Enhancements to Systems Director Navigator for i for management of IBM i
IBM i integration with BladeCenter and System x via iSCSI technology enhancements with support for software target support

for more information visit the IBM site

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