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List Physical Interface ARP Table (QtocLstPhyIfcARPTbl) API Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   
List Physical Interface ARP Table (QtocLstPhyIfcARPTbl) API

 Required Parameter Group:

1 Qualified user space name Input Char(20)
2 Format name Input Char(8)
3 Line name Input Char(10)
4 Error Code I/O Char(*)

 Service Program: QTOCNETSTS

 Threadsafe: Yes

The List Physical Interface ARP Table (QtocLstPhyIfcARPTbl) API returns a list of all entries in the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) table for the specified line.

TCP/IP must be active on this system; otherwise, error message TCP84C0 will be issued.

Authorities and Locks

User Space Library Authority
User Space Authority
User Space Lock

Required Parameter Group

Qualified user space name

The user space that receives the information, and the library in which it is located. The first 10 characters contain the user space name, and the second 10 characters contain the library name. You can use these special values for the library name:

*CURLIB The job's current library.
*LIBL The library list.

Format name

The format of the space information to be returned. The format names supported are:

List of ARP table entries for a specified interface. Refer to ARPT0100 Format for details on the format.
Line name

The name of the physical interface to retrieve ARP table entries for.

Error Code
I/O; CHAR(*)

The structure in which to return error information.

Format of ARP Table Lists

To request a list of ARP table entries for an interface, use format ARPT0100.

The ARP table list consists of:

  • A user area
  • A generic header
  • An input parameter section
  • A header section
  • A list data section:
    • ARPT0100 format.

For details about the user area and generic header, For details about the remaining items, see the following sections.

When you retrieve list entry information from a user space, you must use the entry size returned in the generic header. The size of each entry may be padded at the end. If you do not use the entry size, the result may not be valid. For examples of how to process lists.

Input Parameter Section

Offset Type Field
Dec Hex
0 0 CHAR(10) User space name specified
10 A CHAR(10) User space library name specified
20 14 CHAR(8) Format name specified
28 1C CHAR(10) Line name specified

Header Section

Offset Type Field
Dec Hex
0 0 CHAR(10) User space name
10 A CHAR(10) User space library name used
20 14 CHAR(10) Line name used

ARPT0100 Format

The following information about an ARP table entry is returned for the ARPT0100 format. For detailed descriptions of the fields in the table, see Field Descriptions.

Offset Type Field
Dec Hex
0 0 CHAR(15) Internet address
15 F CHAR(1) Reserved
16 10 BINARY(4) Internet address binary
20 14 BINARY(4) Line type
24 18 BINARY(4) Ethernet type
28 1C BINARY(4) Type of entry
32 20 BINARY(4) Data link connection identifier (DLCI)
36 24 BINARY(4) Routing information field (RIF) valid mask
40 28 CHAR(18) Routing information field (RIF)
58 3A CHAR(17) Physical address
75 4B CHAR(1) Reserved

Field Descriptions

Data link connection identifier (DLCI). This field identifies a logical connection on a single physical Frame Relay link. Each logical connection has a unique integer identifying it. Valid values range from 1 to 255, and this field is only valid when the line type field corresponds to Frame Relay.

Ethernet type. The type of Ethernet framing in use. ONLY valid if the interface is using an ELAN (Ethernet) or WLS (Wireless) line.

-1 Both Ethernet Version 2 and IEEE 802.3 framing (only set for local or proxy entries)
1 Ethernet Version 2
6 IEEE 802.3

Internet address. The IP address of the interface in dotted-decimal notation.

Internet address binary. The binary representation of the IP address.

Line type. The type of physical line used by an interface. The possible values are:

1 ELAN - Ethernet local area network protocol.
2 TRLAN - Token-ring local area network protocol.
3 FR - Frame relay network protocol.
6 WLS - Wireless local area network protocol.
8 DDI - Distributed Data Interface protocol.

Physical address. The MAC address of the interface. Format: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX, where 'X' is a hexadecimal digit.

Reserved. An ignored field.

Routing information field (RIF). The architected token-ring or FDDI source routing information. Use the RIF Valid Mask field to determine the validity of this field.

Routing information field (RIF) valid mask. Tells whether the RIF is valid for this ARP entry or not. The possible values are:

0 The RIF is not valid.
1 The RIF is valid.

Type of entry. The type of ARP table entry. The possible values are:

1 Dynamic - A normal ARP table entry which will be removed automatically after a period of inactivity.
2 Local - This interface is local to this host. Static entry.
3 Proxy - This interface is proxying ARP requests/replies for other machines. Static entry.

Error Messages

TCP84C0 E TCP/IP stack not active.
TCP84C3 E The specified line name does not exist.
TCP84C4 E The specified line name corresponds to a line type that does not support ARP.
TCP84C5 E API error providing TCP/IP Network Status information.
TCP84C6 E Internal operations error - RESULT &1 CC &2 RC &3 ERRNO &4.
TCP84C9 I Information returned incomplete.
CPF24B4 E Severe error while addressing parameter list.
CPF3C21 E Format name &1 is not valid.
CPF3C90 E Literal value cannot be changed.
CPF3CF1 E Error code parameter not valid.
CPF8100 E All CPF81xx messages could be returned. xx is from 01 to FF.
CPF9801 E Object &2 in library &3 not found.
CPF9802 E Not authorized to object &2 in &3.
CPF9803 E Cannot allocate object &2 in library &3.
CPF9807 E One or more libraries in library list deleted.
CPF9808 E Cannot allocate one or more libraries on library list.
CPF9810 E Library &1 not found.
CPF9820 E Not authorized to use library &1.
CPF9830 E Cannot assign library &1.
CPF9872 E Program or service program &1 in library &2 ended. Reason code &3.

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