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Zip and Unzip to i5/OS PASE and QShell Environments Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   
Zip and Unzip to i5/OS PASE and QShell Environments

From RedBook Abstracts (Modified download locations)

Here are the steps to add the Unzip and Zip functions to your System i server:

  1. Get the files from :

    RPFIV.INFO site (you must be registered to download) You can Register by Clicking this

    In our case, we download these files: which all are in ZipFiles.zip file

    zip23x-aix43.zip To compress (zip) files
    unz550x-aix5L.tar.gz To uncompress (unzip) files

  2. Place these files somewhere on your System i server. In this example, we use /home/zip.
  3. You will also need the gunzip tool to uncompress the unz550x-aix5L.tar.gz file. It will be available in ZipFiles.zip file whic you have downloaded earlier

    Place the file in the same directory as the other two files.
    Review the license agreement for the downloaded tools.

  4. Sign on to your System i server and start an i5/OS PASE terminal with the command:


  5. Change to the /home/zip directory:

    cd /home/zip

  6. The unzip file is a compressed file. Uncompress this file:

    uncompress gzip.1.2.4a.tar.Z

  7. “Untar” the gzip tar file:

    tar -xvf gzip.1.2.4a.tar

    It installs the executable files under the
    /usr/local/bin directory.
  8. Update the PATH variable with the /usr/loca/bin directory by running this command:

    export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin

  9. Uncompress the unz550x-aix5L.tar.gz file using this command:

    gunzip unz550x-aix5L.tar.gz

  10. “Untar” the uncompressed file:

    tar -xvf unz550x-aix5L.tar

    It creates the directory
  11. Change to this directory:

    cd unzip-5.50

  12. Enter the following command:


    It shows you the command usage text.
  13. To run the command from any directory and any terminal window, you have to copy the unzip file into the /QOpenSys/usr/bin directory:

    cp unzip /QOpenSys/usr/bin

  14. Switch back to the directory to which you have downloaded the files:

    cd /home/zip

  15. Now check whether unzip is really working. The Zip program on our system is packed in the zip file - zip23x-aix43.zip, so we can try on that one. Verify that you are in the directory in which the zip23x-aix43.zip file is located. Enter the following command:

    unzip -d ./zip zip23x-aix43.zip

  16. This creates a directory named zip and places all files into that directory. Change to this directory:

    cd zip

  17. Issue the following command to see if the program is working:


    This will show the usage notes.

  18. To make the command available in every i5/OS PASE terminal session, copy the program into the /QOpenSys/usr/bin directory.

    cp zip /QOpenSys/usr/bin

  19. To use both commands (zip and unzip) in QShell, make another copy of the programs into the /usr/bin directory by running 2 commands:

    cp /QOpenSys/usr/bin/zip /usr/bin

    cp /QOpenSys/usr/bin/unzip /usr/bin

    Now zip and unzip are available for the next QShell terminal.

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