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How do I convert a date from, say, 1/5/2000 to "Wednesday, January 05, 2000?" Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   
How do I convert a date from, say, 1/5/2000 to "Wednesday, January 05, 2000?"

The code below takes a date (DateIn) and builds a text string (DateString) from it. This code uses a pointer (PtrDays) to aim the numbered day of the week at its proper location in the AryDays array. Similarly, the PtrMonths pointer assigns the proper month after picking out the date's individual components with the new EXTRCT (Extract date) operation. The date string is then built through a simple concatenation expression.

Thanks to the as400pro.com

      *     DateString   Builds a date string for DateIn
      *     Example: Saturday, October 14, 1995

     D AryDays         S              9    DIM(7)
     D                                     CTDATA PERRCD(7)
     D AryMonths       S              9    DIM(12)
     D                                     CTDATA PERRCD(6)
     D DateIn          S               D
     D DateString      S             30
     D DayOfWeek       S              7  0
     D PtrDays         S               *   INZ(%ADDR(AryDays))
     D PtrMonths       S               *   INZ(%ADDR(AryMonths))
     D StrDayOfWk      S              9    BASED(PtrDays)
     D StrMonth        S              9    BASED(PtrMonths)
     D WorkDay         S              2
     D WorkMonth       S              2  0
     D WorkYear        S             14

      * Determine day of week (1 7)
     C     DateIn        SUBDUR    D'1899 12 30' DayOfWeek:*D
     C                   DIV       7             DayOfWeek
     C                   MVR                     DayOfWeek

     C                   IF        DayOfWeek < 1
     C                   EVAL      DayOfWeek = DayOfWeek + 7
     C                   ENDIF

      * Extract date components
     C                   EXTRCT    DateIn:*Y     WorkYear
     C                   EXTRCT    DateIn:*M     WorkMonth
     C                   EXTRCT    DateIn:*D     WorkDay

      * Set pointers within arrays
     C                   EVAL      PtrDays   = %ADDR(AryDays(DayOfWeek))
     C                   EVAL      PtrMonths = %ADDR(AryMonths(WorkMonth))

      * Build string
     C                   EVAL      DateString = %TRIM(StrDayOfWk) + ', ' +
     C                                          %TRIM(StrMonth)   + ' '  +
     C                                          WorkDay           + ', ' +
     C                                          WorkYear

**CTDATA AryDays
Sunday   Monday   Tuesday  WednesdayThursday Friday   Saturday
**CTDATA AryMonths
January  February March    April    May      June
July     August   SeptemberOctober  November December

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