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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   
Optimization Considerations

While running a *FULL optimized program, the optimizer may keep frequently used values in machine registers and restore them to storage only at predefined points during normal program processing. Exception handling may break this normal processing and consequently program variables contained in registers may not be returned to their assigned storage locations.

Specifically, variables may not contain their current values if an exception occurs and you recover from it using one of:

Monitor group

*PSSR error subroutine

INFSR error subroutine

User-defined exception handler

The Go ('G') option from an inquiry message.

The Retry ('R') option from an inquiry message.

ILE RPG automatically defines indicators such that they contain their current values even with full optimization. To ensure that the content of fields or data structures contain their correct (current) values, specify the NOOPT keyword on the appropriate Definition specification.

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