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Working with large source in SEU Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   
Working with large source in SEU

Based on Steven Kontos Article for search400

It's hard getting around those five and ten thousand line programs. Often, when bouncing back and forth between widely separated sections of a long program, I will intentionally place a syntax error in the source member and use it as a bookmark. For example, a blank line in an RPG member, or let's say a letter 'z' in column 6 of an RPGLE member creates a syntax error. Wherever I am in the source code, I type the special literal *ERR on the SEU command line and press F16. This rockets me back to the error. Pressing F16 again takes me to the next syntax error, and so on. Of course, you would have to remove these errors before saving the source. This is my favorite technique because it is precise and involves very little typing or memorization. Try it!

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