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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   
Using Key List in FREE Format

When you are using /FREE format RPG you have 2 methods to use Key Lists in your coding

Method 1

You can define the Key list somewhere in C form and use it in your CHAIN, READE or what ever.


  C     myKeyList     Klist
  C                   Kfld                    myKFld1
  C                   Kfld                    myKFld2
  C                   Kfld                    myKFld3

       chain myKeyList myFileRecNm;

Method 2

Using key fields in opcode itself. When you are using this you must enclose list of fields in parenthesis.


       chain (myKeyFld1 : myKeyFld2 : myKeyFld3) myFileRecNm;
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