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The QDBBRCDS API Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

Bring Database Records (QDBBRCDS) API asynchronously brings database physical file records into main storage. You can use the QDBBRCDS API only with database file type *PF. If a distributed file is specified, only the records on the local system are brought. File overrides do not affect the specified file, library, or member names.

Required Parameter Group:

1 Qualified database physical file name Input Char(20)
2 Database member name Input Char(10)
3 Relative record number array Input Array of Binary(4)
4 Number of records to bring Input Binary(4)

Optional Parameter Group 1

5 Error code I/O Char(*)

  Default Public Authority: *USE

  Threadsafe: Yes

Authorities and Locks

Library Authority
File Authority
File Lock

Required Parameter Group

Qualified database physical file name

The name of the database physical file containing the specified member whose information is to be retrieved and the library in which it is located. The first 10 characters contain the database physical file name; the second 10 characters contain the library name.

You can use these special values for the library name:

*CURLIB The job's current library
*LIBL The library list

Database physical file member name

The name of the database physical file member for which information is to be retrieved.

Special values follow:

*FIRST The first database physical file member found.
*LAST The last database physical file member found.

Relative record array

A array of unsigned Binary(4) variables that contain the relative record numbers that should be brought.

If an invalid relative record number is specified, it is tolerated and no error is returned. All relative record numbers prior to the invalid relative record number in the array are processed. Invalid relative record numbers in the array are ignored.

Number of records in the array

An unsigned Binary(4) variable that contains the number of relative record numbers in the array. The number of relative record numbers must not exceed 1000.

Optional Parameter Group 1

Error code
I/O; CHAR(*)

The structure in which to return error information. If this parameter is omitted, diagnostic and escape messages are issued to the application.

Error Messages

Message ID Error Message Text
CPF24B4 E Severe error while addressing parameter list.
CPF3CF1 E Error code parameter not valid.
CPF3C23 E Object &1 is not a database file.
CPF3C26 E File &1 has no members.
CPF3C3A E Value for parameter &2 for API &1 not valid.
CPF3C90 E Literal value cannot be changed.
CPF8100 E All CPF81xx messages could be returned. xx is from 01 to FF.
CPF9800 E All CPF98xx messages could be signaled. xx is from 01 to FF.
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