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Reading and Writing using Data Structures Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   
Reading and Writing using Data Structures

Using PREFIX you can relocate file fields memory in to a data structure. This can be achieve by enclosing prefixing name with single quotes and with a period(.) sign at the end of prefixing name.


FMYFILE        IF   E       K     DISK   Prefix('Ds.')

D Ds                    DS                  LikeRec(MYREC) Inz

      read myRec Ds;
      chain myKeyL myRec Ds;
      if %Found;
           Ds.myField = (tmpVar + 1000) / myRate;
           update myRec %fields(Ds.myField);

If you did not include data structure name on your I/O, data will be moved to input fields one field at a time.

When you include the data structure on I/O, data is read and moved to data structure in one operation and entire record is copied to data structure, also this method is good for I/O performance.

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