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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

Work management is an important building block within the iSeries server operating system. Its functions are the foundation through which all work enters the system, is processed, run, and completed on iSeries servers. Whether you run a simple batch job once a week or you call an application daily (like Lotus Notes), work management helps manage the jobs and objects that run on your system. It also supports the commands and internal functions necessary to control system operations and allocate resources to applications when needed.

Work management supports the commands and internal functions necessary to control system operation and the daily workload on the system. In addition, work management contains the functions that you need to distribute resources for your applications so that your system can handle your applications. The purpose of your system is to perform work. Work enters, work is processed, and work leaves the system. If you think of work management in these three terms, work management will be easier to understand. Work management describes where work enters the system, where and with what resources work is processed, and where output from work goes.

As a system operator or administrator, one of your tasks is to keep your server running smoothly. This means you monitor, manage, and ensure that your jobs, job queues, subsystems, memory pools, job logs, and output queues function properly.

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