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Estimating Time Required to Run RGZPFM Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

RGZPFM command performs the following tasks when you issue the command

1. Invalidates all access paths built over the physical file.
2. Creates a new copy of the physical file without deleted records.
3. Deletes the original physical file and replaces it with the new copy.
4. Rebuilds the access paths over the new physical file.

To estimate the time required to reorganize a physical file, you need the following

1. Approximate time required to copy the data records.
2. Approximate time required to rebuild the logicals over the physical file.

To estimate the copy time, use CPYF to create a new file. If you will be reorganizing the file without specifying the KEYFILE parameter, then specify the FROMRCD parameter as 1. If you will be reorganizing the file with the KEYFILE parameter, then specify use this key file as the from file for the CPYF command. CPYF will not copy physical file constraints; an alternative would be to use the CRTDUPOBJ command.

To obtain an estimate of the access path rebuild time, save the physical and related logical files without access paths. Restore the files to a new library. Immediately after the restore has completed, review the access path rebuild estimate times displayed via EDTRBDAP. The total of these estimates plus the estimated copy time on the previous step equals the amount of time the RGZPFM command will require to complete. (After you have obtained the rebuild times from EDTRBDAP, it is advisable to delete the files you have restored. It is not necessary to rebuild the logical files via EDTRBDAP before deletion.)

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