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ASSUME (Assume) Keyword for Display Files Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

Assume keyword is specify that the OS/400 program is to assume that this record is already shown on the display when this file is opened. Such a record would also be defined, with the KEEP keyword, in another display file.

Specify the ASSUME keyword for at least one record format within the display file so that the OS/400 program does not erase the display when the file is opened. In addition, specify the OVERLAY keyword with the ASSUME keyword to prevent the OS/400 program from deleting the display when your program sends the first output operation after opening the file.

If you use the ASSUME keyword, at least one field in the record must be able to be displayed. If more than one record with the ASSUME keyword exists, they must occupy unique display lines.

For the OS/400 program to process the data correctly, your program must specify the record format name containing this keyword.

The ASSUME keyword is not needed if the record format you are defining is in a shared file (SHARE(*YES)) parameter specified on the Create Display File (CRTDSPF), Change Display File (CHGDSPF), or Override with Display File (OVRDSPF) command).

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