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Remove Disk Units Without an IPL at 7.1 Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

Based on Dawn May’s i Can … Remove Disk Units Without an IPL at 7.1

Starting with 7.1, you have capability to concurrently remove disk units in the system ASP, user ASPs, and on various independent ASPs. Prior to 7.1, you had to manual IPL to DST in order to remove disk units in the system ASP or a user ASP. If you wanted to remove units from an independent ASP, the independent ASP had to be varied off.

The capability is access via System Service Tools (SST). You'll notice a change on the Work with Disk Configuration panel. (Option 12)

                         Work with Disk Configuration                           
 Select one of the following:                                                   
      1. Display disk configuration                                             
      2. Add units to ASPs                                                      
      3. Work with ASP threshold                                                
      4. Add units to ASPs and balance data                                     
      5. Enable remote load source mirroring                                    
      6. Disable remote load source mirroring                                   
      7. Start compression on non-configured units                              
      8. Work with device parity protection                                     
      9. Start hot spare                                                        
     10. Stop hot spare                                                         
     11. Work with encryption                                                   
     12. Work with removing units from configuration                            

After selecting option 12, you will see a new panel.

                 Work with Removing Units From Configuration
 Select one of the following:                                                   
      1. Display disk configuration                                             
      2. Display status of remove operation                                     
      3. Remove units from configuration                                        
      4. Pause the remove operation                                             
      5. Resume the remove operation                                            
      6. Cancel the remove operation    
      7. Cancel the remove operation and balance data in the ASP   

As you can see from the options presented, not only can you start the remove process but you can pause the remove and resume one that’s paused. You can cancel the remove either with or without a balance. You can also use either the option provided on the service tools panel or WRKDSKSTS to see the status of the remove operation.

Planning before beginning a remove of units will assure success with low business impact. Most important is to ensure enough free space on units that will remain to absorb the GBs from the disks you are removing. If the ASP threshold is exceeded while the remove process is running, the remove will be paused.

Other items to consider while planning:

• IBM i 7.1 is required.
• Any server or blade hardware that supports IBM i 7.1 can be utilized.
• If a remove is in progress when the system is powered down, ended abnormally, or an IASP is varied off, the remove will be paused. The remove must be restarted by choosing the resume option.
• The load source unit cannot be removed from the system ASP.
• Not all drives can be removed from an ASP. At least one must remain.
• Moving drives between ASPs is not supported. The units must be removed from one ASP then added to the other ASP.
• All units selected for removal must belong to a single ASP.
• Only one ASP can be operated on at a time. Other ASPs removes may be paused but only one can be running.
• No changes have been made to the remove processing that occurs during a manual IPL to DST. A remove started at DST must complete before the IPL can continue.

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