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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

Use this IBM-provided equation for calculating temporary storage utilization in a partition.

Temporary storage disk utilization = 
	(Current unprotected used storage / Total System ASP storage) / 10

You can retrieve the numbers for this equation from the Work with System Status (WRKSYSSTS) command display. The trick is to only focus on the numbers in the Auxiliary Storage area, which are found in the upper right-hand section of the WRKSYSSTS screen. Here's a sample of what that area might look like on a system where temporary storage is under control.

Work with System Status

Auxiliary storage:
System ASP . . . . . . :     3169 G
% system ASP used  . . :    67.8219
Total  . . . . . . . . :     3169 G
Current unprotect used :    21531 M
Maximum unprotect  . . :    63069 M

On this system, the System ASP contains 3169 G of storage (about 3 Terabytes), which will be used for the Total System ASP Storage Number in your equation. It's important to note that even though we are talking about temporary storage for system jobs, temporary storage is still written to system Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) disk so we use the System ASP value in the calculation. The Current Unprotected Used number (21531 M) can also be plugged directly into the equation from this screen.

Using these numbers, here's what the equation to calculate the Temporary Disk Storage Utilization value for this system looks like.

Temporary storage disk utilization percentage = 
	(21531 / 3169) / 10 = .679 percent of disk

IBM states that it's normal for temporary storage to consume 5 percent or less of total disk storage, so if your temporary storage utilization is under that number, don't worry. However, if your system was gobbling up 12.75 percent usage of disk space like this one, you might want to do something about the situation. To determine which jobs are consuming temporary disk space, run the following Work with System Activity (WRKSYSACT) command to list your partition's active jobs by the amount of net storage being used.


This displays your partition's active jobs according to how much net storage (allocated storage less deallocated storage) each job is currently using. From the initial Work with System Activity screen, press the F11 key (switch view) three times to get to the storage view screen, which looks like this.

                          Work with System Activity                   SYSTEM
                                                            10/20/09  21:34:03
Automatic refresh in seconds  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     5    
Elapsed time . . . . . . :   00:00:02    Average CPU util . . . . :      15.4
Number of CPUs . . . . . . :       3     Maximum CPU util . . . . . :    19.7
Overall DB CPU util  . . . :     3.7     Minimum CPU util . . . . . :     9.4
                                         Current processing capacity:     2.50
Authorization Type  . :
Type options, press Enter.
  1=Monitor job   5=Work with job   6=Wait detail

     Job or                                     --------Storage--------  Total
Opt  Task         User        Number  Thread     Allocated  Deallocated   Wait
    RBREPORT1    QSYSOPR     014677  0000001F       34816            0  999.9
    QDFTJOBD     JOEH        014763  00000017        8696          705   28.0
    DAILYEOD     BUBBAB      014663  00000040        2577          971     .0
    WEBSITE1     QTMHHTTP    998479  00000005       13385        13027     .0
    WEBSITE2     QTMHHTTP    998463  00000004       50874        50618  999.9
    PORT50410    MIMIXOWN    984503  00000002         260           65     .0

Although it's not obvious, this screen displays all the active system jobs by net allocated storage. The screen doesn't show net allocated storage for each job, but you can easily calculate it by subtracting the Storage→Deallocated number from the Storage→Allocated number for each job. Understand however that WRKSYSACT only shows data for jobs that have had activity since the last data collection. There may be other system jobs taking up temporary storage that weren't active when you ran WRKSYSACT. Those jobs won't show up in the display until they show some activity.

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