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FTP Controls through Navigator Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

Suppose you want to restrict some actions of you IBM I FTP server, you can achieve this by using Operations Navigator’s Application Administration feature. Below are the steps to do so

1. In iSeries Navigator, expand My Connections.
2. Right-click your system and select Application Administration
3. Select the Host Applications tab and expand iSeries TCP/IP Utilities for iSeries
4. Expand File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and then expand FTP Server


You can block/control following functions

1. Change Directory
2. CL Commands
3. Create Directory/Library
4. Delete Directory/Library
5. Delete Files
6. List Files
7. Reseive Files
8. Rename Files
9. Send Files

Also you can give above permissions to specific user by right clicking on above tasks and selecting Customize option.

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