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The Receive Data Queue API (QRCVDTAQ) Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

API receives data from the specified data queue.

Parameters are

Required Parameter Group:

   1	Data queue name	                Input	Char(10)
   2	Library name	                Input	Char(10)
   3	Length of data	                Output	Packed(5,0)
   4	Data	                        Output	Char(*)
   5	Wait time	                Input	Packed(5,0)

Optional Parameter Group 1:
   6	Key order	                Input	Char(2)
   7	Length of key data	        Input	Packed(3,0) 
   8	Key data	                I/O	Char(*)
   9	Length of sender information	Input	Packed(3,0)
  10	Sender information	        Output	Char(*)

Optional Parameter Group 2:
  11	Remove message	                Input	Char(10)
  12	Size of data receiver	        Input	Packed(5,0)
  13	Error code	                I/O	Char(*)
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