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Calling Sub Procedures from CL Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

CALLPRC command, which lets you call a subprocedure and pass parameters. CALLPRC is similar to the traditional CALL command we've always had in CL, except that it calls a

procedure and, and you have to bind to that procedure when you build your CL program.


Ex :

		   DCL VAR(&CURREN) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(3)       
		   DCL VAR(&AMT) TYPE(*DEC)  LEN(14 3)     
		   DCL VAR(&RATE) TYPE(*DEC) LEN(19 9)     
		   CALLPRC PRC('GET_RATE') +        
			   PARM((&CURREN *BYREF) +            
					(&AMT *BYREF)) +    
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