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Rename External File Field Names Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

You can use PREFIX keyword in F spec. this will allow users to rename/prefix externaly described fiel field names



FUserMast UF A E           K DISK    PREFIX(F1)

This will prefix all field names with F1


Suppose you want to remove n number of characters and replace them with some other charactor



FUserMast UF A E           K DISK    PREFIX(F1_ : 3)
This will prefix all field names with F1_ by replacing the first 3 characters of fields.


Rename selected fields in a externaly discribed file


You can use an external unqualified data structure.

In the following example the fields MyFld1 and MyFld2 in MyFile1 get renamed into RenFld11 and RenFld12. All other fields names stay unrenamed.


FMyFile1   if   e           k disk 
D DSFile1       E DS                  Extname(MyFile1)
		D  RenFld11     E                     ExtFld(MyFld1)
		D  RenFld12     E                     ExtFld(MyFld2)
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