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The Nine Stages of a Power i Upgrade Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

Like many other shops, you may soon be upgrading your existing iSeries, System i, or Power i hardware. To help with that process, this week I'm reviewing the nine general stages that occur during a Power i upgrade. While not all-inclusive, these stages create a general roadmap for what you need to consider during a Power i hardware purchase.

The Overview

Briefly, the nine stages of a Power i upgrade are:

  1. IBM hardware and software maintenance extension (if necessary)
  2. Operating system upgrade (optional)
  3. High availability preparation (optional)
  4. Sizing your machines
  5. Evaluating alternatives
  6. Final specifications, decision, financing, and ordering
  7. Third-party software and licensing upgrade
  8. Migration, installation, go live
  9. Disposal of old equipment
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