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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

The Start Journal (QjoStartJournal) API is used to start journaling changes (made to an object or list of objects) to a specific journal. The object types that are supported through this API are Data Areas (*DTAARA), Data Queues (*DTAQ), Byte Stream Files (*STMF), Directories (*DIR), and Symbolic Links (*SYMLNK). For objects of type *STMF, *DIR, or *SYMLNK, only objects in the "root" (/), QOpenSys, and user-defined file systems are supported.

After journaling begins for the object, the user should save the journaled objects. The objects must be saved because, for example, journaled changes cannot be applied to a version of the object that was saved before journaling was in effect.

1 Object entry array Input Char(*)
2 File ID entry array Input Char(*)
3 Journal Input Char(*)
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