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The QATOCSTART file in QUSRSYS library can be use to Auto Start your Host Servers. If you Query to the file you can see that you san Set ON or OFF the Host servers to be Start/Stop at IPL time.

SVR  Server                          Auto   Library of  Program to  External Start CMD            
TYP                                  Start  Program     Call                                      
 T   *TELNET                         *YES   QTCP        QTGSTART    QSYS/STRTCPSVR SERVER(*TELNET)
 T   *SNMP                           *YES   QSYS        QTOSCTLJ    QSYS/STRTCPSVR SERVER(*SNMP)  
 T   *ROUTED                         *NO    QSYS        QTORJOBS    QSYS/STRTCPSVR SERVER(*ROUTED)
 T   *BOOTP                          *NO    QSYS        QTODJOBS    QSYS/STRTCPSVR SERVER(*BOOTP) 
 T   *TFTP                           *NO    QSYS        QTODJOBT    QSYS/STRTCPSVR SERVER(*TFTP)  
 T   *DNS                            *NO    QDNS        QTOBJOBS    QSYS/STRTCPSVR SERVER(*DNS)   
 T   *DHCP                           *NO    QSYS        QTODDJOB    QSYS/STRTCPSVR SERVER(*DHCP)  
 T   *DDM                            *YES   QSYS        QRWTLSTC    QSYS/STRTCPSVR SERVER(*DDM)   
 T   *FTP                            *YES   QTCP        QTMFJOBS    QSYS/STRTCPSVR SERVER(*FTP)   
 T   *SMTP                           *YES   QTCP        QTMSJOBS    QSYS/STRTCPSVR SERVER(*SMTP)  
 T   *LPD                            *YES   QTCP        QTMPJOBS    QSYS/STRTCPSVR SERVER(*LPD)   
 T   *POP                            *NO    QTCP        QTMMJOBS    QSYS/STRTCPSVR SERVER(*POP)   
 T   *REXEC                          *NO    QTCP        QTMXJOBS    QSYS/STRTCPSVR SERVER(*REXEC) 
 T   *HTTP                           *NO    QHTTPSVR    QZHBJOBS    QSYS/STRTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP)  
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