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Retrieve Database File Description (QDBRTVFD) API Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

     **-- API Error Data Structure:  -------------------------**
     D ApiError        DS
     D  AeBytPrv                     10i 0 Inz( %Size( ApiError ))
     D  AeBytAvl                     10i 0 Inz
     D  AeExcpId                      7a
     D                                1a
     D  AeExcpDta                   128a
     D FilNam          s             10a   Inz( 'QADBXREF' )
     D FilLib          s             10a   Inz( '*LIBL   ' )
     D RfFilNamQ       s             20a
     D RfFilNamRtnQ    s             20a
     D RfFmtNam        s              8a   Inz( 'FILD0100' )
     D RfFilOvr        s              1a   Inz( '0' )
     D RfFilRcd        s             10a   Inz( '*FIRST' )
     D RfFilSys        s             10a   Inz( '*LCL' )
     D RfFmtTyp        s             10a   Inz( '*EXT' )
     D RfFilInf        Ds          4096
     D  RfFilInfRtn                  10i 0 OverLay( RfFilInf:   1 )
     D  RfFilInfPrv                  10i 0 OverLay( RfFilInf:   5 )
     D                                     Inz( %Size( RfFilInf ))
     D  RfFilRcdLen                   5i 0 OverLay( RfFilInf: 305 )
     D  RfFilJrnInf                  10i 0 OverLay( RfFilInf: 379 )
     D JrnInf          Ds
     D  JiJrnNam                     10a
     D  JiJrnLib                     10a
     D  JiJrnOpt                      1a
     D  JiJrnSts                      1a
     C                   Eval      RfFilNamQ  =  FilNam + FilLib
     C                   Call      'QDBRTVFD'
     C                   Parm                    RfFilInf
     C                   Parm                    RfFilInfPrv
     C                   Parm                    RfFilNamRtnQ
     C                   Parm                    RfFmtNam
     C                   Parm                    RfFilNamQ
     C                   Parm                    RfFilRcd
     C                   Parm                    RfFilOvr
     C                   Parm                    RfFilSys
     C                   Parm                    RfFmtTyp
     C                   Parm                    ApiError
     C                   Eval      JrnInf     =  %Subst( RfFilInf
     C                                                 : RfFilJrnInf + 1
     C                                                 : %Size( JrnInf ))
     C                   Return

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