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Send Journal Entry (QJOSJRNE) API Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

The Send Journal Entry (QJOSJRNE) API writes a single journal entry to a specific journal. The format of the entry is determined by the API caller. You can assign an entry type to the journal entry. You can associate the journal entry with additional information such as a journaled object or a commit cycle identifier.

The journal code for the entry is 'U', indicating a user-specified journal entry.

     D SndJrnE         Pr                  ExtPgm( 'QJOSJRNE' )
     D  SjJrnNamQ                    20a   Const
     D  SjJrnEntInf                4096a   Const  Options( *VarSize )
     D  SjEntDta                  32766a   Const  Options( *VarSize )
     D  SjEntDtaLen                  10i 0 Const
     D  SjError                   32767a          Options( *VarSize )

        SndJrnE( 'QAUDJRN   *LIBL '
                 : JrnEntInf
                 : JrnEntA3
                 : %Size( JrnEntA3 )
                 : ERRC0100
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