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Printing Multiple Screens Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

When you're on a screen that you want to print, click on File→Print Screen Collection→Collect Screen. This will take a copy of your current screen and put into the buffer on your PC. When you find another screen you want to print, click File→Print Screen Collection→Collect Screen a second time and that screen will be appended to the buffer after your first screen. Keep adding as many screens as you need, until you're ready to print or until your buffer is full.

When you're ready to print the collected screens, click on File→Print Screen Collection→Print Collection. PC5250 will send your entire set of collected screens down to your default PC5250 printer as a single stack of screens. By doing this, you can avoid printing onesie and twosie screen shots and just print all your screen shots together.

After printing a collection, you may need to select the File→Print Screen Collection→Purge Collection option to clear the selected screens out of the buffer so that you can start a new collection of screens to print. Most times, PC5250 will clear the buffer for you after printing, but this is the option to use if you want to clear the buffer manually.

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