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The Open List of History Log Messages (QMHOLHST) Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

The Open List of History Log Messages (QMHOLHST) API provides information about messages that were sent to the QHST message queue. When the API is called, it will cause messages to be moved from the QHST message queue into the QHST database files. The API will return the message text based on the current contents of the message file when the API is called.

There are several advantages to using the API:

It’s a formal programming interface; prior to the introduction of the API, you had to read from the files directly to programmatically access the history log messages.

You can retrieve many messages with one invocation of the API, as opposed to reading the files record by record

Using the API, you can filter on message severity or you can filter on the message type; in addition you can specify with the filters to either include or omit the filtered data

You can also identify specific message IDs that should be retrieved or omitted

This API can be used to get messages from the QHST message queue into the history log files. Sometimes you need to do a DSPLOG twice in order to see the latest messages, but that is not the case when using the API.

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