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Error Handling Example Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   
     FCustomer  UF A E           K Disk

     D CustomerData  E DS                  ExtName(Customer:CustRec)
     D CustData        S                   Like(CustomerData)
     D Valid           S               N
     D Total           S              5S 0 Inz(0)
     D StatusCode      S              5S 0 Inz(0)
     D RecordLock      C                   Const(01218)
     D Result2Big      C                   Const(00103)

     C     *Entry        Plist
     C                   Parm                    CustData



           CustomerID = %SubSt(CustomerData:1:8);

           DoU %Status <> RecordLock;
              Chain CustomerID Customer;
              If %Found;
                 ExSr Validate;
                 If Valid;
                    Total = Total + 1;  // Accumulate number of udates
                    Update Custrec;     // update record format
                 ExSr Validate;
                 If Valid;
                 Write Custrec;         // write to record format

       // Begin error trapping for any error with Monitor group

              On-Error RecordLock;        // Record Lock
                 Dsply 'Record Locked - Sorry Charlie';

              On-Error *FILE;             // Any other file error
                 StatusCode = %Status;
                 Dsply StatusCode;
                 Dsply 'Some File Error';

              On-Error Result2Big;        // Field not large enough
                 Dsply 'Define the result big enough, goofy';

              On-Error *PROGRAM;          // Any other program error
                 StatusCode = %Status;
                 Dsply StatusCode;
                 Dsply 'Some Program Error';

              On-Error *ALL;              // Any error not already trapped
                 Dsply 'Already trapping *FILE and *PROGRAM - do not need';


           *InLr = *On;

        // ****************************************************************
        // Validate subroutine - validate data before updating
        // ****************************************************************

           BegSr Validate;

              CustomerData = CustData;
              Valid = *on;   // Some validation, eh?



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