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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

Any code placed in the subfield location *STATUS that is greater than 99 is considered to be an exception/error condition. When the status code is greater than 99; the error indicator -- if specified in positions 73 and 74 -- is set on, or the %ERROR built-in function -- if the 'E' extender is specified -- is set to return '1', or control passes to the appropriate ON-ERROR group within a MONITOR block; otherwise, the program exception/error subroutine receives control. Location *STATUS is updated when an exception/error occurs.

The %STATUS built-in function returns the most recent value set for the program or file status.

The following codes are placed in the subfield location *STATUS for the program status data structure:

Normal Codes

00000 - No exception/error occurred

00001 - Called program returned with the LR indicator on.

00050 - Conversion resulted in substitution.

Exception/Error Codes

00100 - Value out of range for string operation

00101 - Negative square root

00102 - Divide by zero

00103 - An intermediate result is not large enough to contain the result.

00104 - Float underflow. An intermediate value is too small to be contained in the intermediate result field.

00105 - Invalid characters in character to numeric conversion functions.

00112 - Invalid Date, Time or Timestamp value.

00113 - Date overflow or underflow. (For example, when the result of a Date calculation results in a number greater than *HIVAL or less than *LOVAL.)

00114 - Date mapping errors, where a Date is mapped from a 4-character year to a 2-character year, and the date range is not 1940-2039.

00115 - Variable-length field has a current length that is not valid.

00120 - Table or array out of sequence.

00121 - Array index not valid

00122 - OCCUR outside of range

00123 - Reset attempted during initialization step of program

00202 - Called program or procedure failed; halt indicator (H1 through H9) not on

00211 - Error calling program or procedure

00222 - Pointer or parameter error

00231 - Called program or procedure returned with halt indicator on

00232 - Halt indicator on in this program

00233 - Halt indicator on when RETURN operation run

00299 - RPG IV formatted dump failed

00301 - Class or method not found for a method call, or error in method call.

00302 - Error while converting a Java array to an RPG parameter on entry to a Java native method.

00303 - Error converting RPG parameter to Java array on exit from an RPG native method.

00304 - Error converting RPG parameter to Java array in preparation for a Java method call.

00305 - Error converting Java array to RPG parameter or return value after a Java method.

00306 - Error converting RPG return value to Java array.

00333 - Error on DSPLY operation

00351 - Error parsing XML document

00352 - Invalid option for %XML

00353 - XML document does not match RPG variable

00354 - Error preparing for XML parsing

00401 - Data area specified on IN/OUT not found

00402 - *PDA not valid for non-prestart job

00411 - Data area type or length does not match

00412 - Data area not locked for output

00413 - Error on IN/OUT operation

00414 - User not authorized to use data area

00415 - User not authorized to change data area

00421 - Error on UNLOCK operation

00425 - Length requested for storage allocation is out of range

00426 - Error encountered during storage management operation

00431 - Data area previously locked by another program

00432 - Data area locked by program in the same process

00450 - Character field not entirely enclosed by shift-out and shift-in characters

00451 - Conversion between two CCSIDs is not supported.

00501 - Failure to retrieve sort sequence.

00502 - Failure to convert sort sequence.

00802 - Commitment control not active.

00803 - Rollback operation failed.

00804 - Error occurred on COMMIT operation

00805 - Error occurred on ROLBK operation

00907 - Decimal data error (digit or sign not valid)

00970 - The level number of the compiler used to generate the program does not agree with the level number of the RPG IV run-time subroutines.

09998 - Internal failure in ILE RPG compiler or in run-time subroutines

09999 - Program exception in system routine.

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