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QUILNGTX Example Print E-mail
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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   
  D messageText     S           6800a 

  D QUILNGTX        PR                  ExtPgm('QUILNGTX')
  D   text                      6800a   const varying     
  D                                     options(*VarSize) 
  D   length                      10i 0 const             
  D   msgid                        7a   const             
  D   qualmsgf                    20a   const             
  D   errorCode                    8a   const  

  D ErrorNull       ds                  qualified
  D   BytesProv                   10i 0 inz(0)   
  D   BytesAvail                  10i 0 inz(0)              


      messageText = 'The Display Long Text (QUILNGTX) API displays ' +      
                    'a pop-up window containing the string of text ' +      
                    'that is passed to it. This API may not be used ' +     
                    'to display text that is bidirectional right to left.';

      QUILNGTX (messageText             
               : %Len(messageText)      
               : 'LM00001'              
               : 'STMSGF    I720LSDBP ' 
               : ErrorNull );           
      *INLR = *ON;                      


You can also use a array for the first parameter of the API.

   D   text                        68a   const dim(100)

User Comments

Comment by Joubert on 2012-07-06 03:58:42
Love it! - Thanks

Comment by cantorh on 2012-07-06 03:58:25
Hello Chamara, 
Thanks for this quick tip! I didn't know about this API. Just one thing, I don't think you need the "varying" keyword on the "text" parameter. That will pass a pointer to a 2 byte integer. May be the intent was to make "messageText" varying? In any event, this is great info.  

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