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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

When a database file is opened, the system can check whether the file definition is changed. The LVLCHK parameter specifies the check for record format description changes.

When the file changes to an extent that your program might not be able to process the file, the system notifies your program. The default is to do level checking.

Simple Example

Assume that you compiled your program two months ago. At that time, the file was defined as having three fields in each record. Last week another programmer decided to add a field to the record format, so now each record has four fields. When your program tries to open the file, the system notifies your program that a significant change has occurred to the file definition since the last time the program was compiled. This notification is known as a record format level check.

Changes to any other DDS information have no effect on the record format level identifier and can be changed without having to specify LVLCHK(*NO) or recompiling the programs that use the file.

For example, the following DDS keywords can be changed without causing a level check: TEXT, COLHDG, CHECK, EDTCDE, EDTWRD, REF, REFFLD, CMP, RANGE, VALUES, TRNTBL, REFSHIFT and DFT. Join specifications, join keywords and access path keywords can be changed. You can even change the key fields and select/omit fields without causing a level check.

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