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The Replay Database Operation (QDBRPLAY) API replays a database operation from a single journal entry.

Only database journal entries are supported. Since these journal entries can be quite large, the QjoRetrieveJournalEntries API should be used to retrieve the journal entry. If a journal entry is passed to QDBRPLAY that is not supported, the operation will fail. The following journal entries are supported:

Journal Code Entry Type Description
D AC Add Constraint
F CB Change Member
D CG Change File
D CT Create File
D DC Remove Constraint
F DM Remove Member
D DT Delete File
D FM Move File
D FN Rename File
D GC Change Constraint
D GO Change Owner
D GT Grant File
F MC Add Member
F MN Rename Member
F RM Reorganize Member
D RV Revoke File
D TC Add Trigger
D TD Remove Trigger
D TG Change Trigger
D TQ Refresh Table

You can use the QDBRPLAY API with database objects only. DDM files are not supported. File overrides do not affect the specified object names. The API does not run under commitment control even if the original journal entry was performed as part of a commitable transaction. If the specified file does not have the same File Level Identifier or Member Level Identifier as the file for which the journal entry was originally written, a warning will sent to the job log and the operation will continue.

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