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Written by Chamara Withanachchi   

The MAIN keyword indicates that this source program is for a linear-main module and contains a linear-main procedure, identified by the main_procedure_name parameter, which will be the program entry procedure for the module.

The main_procedure_name must be the name of a procedure defined in the source program. The linear-main procedure is intended to be called only through the program call interface and not as a bound procedure call; if you make a recursive call to the linear-main procedure, the call will be a dynamic program call.

     H MAIN(prcBLC)         

     D prcBLC          PR                  ExtPgm('THISPGM')    
          // prcBLC();        
          // *InLR = *On;     

     P prcBLC          B                              
     D prcBLC          PI                             
          Your Business logic;

     P prcBLC          E          

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