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Written by Chamara   
dGetLstSplFID     pr                  extpgm('QSPRILSP')           
d RcvVar                         1    options(*varsize)            
d LenRcvVar                     10i 0 const                        
d FmtRcvVar                      8    const                        
d QUSEC                               likeds(QUSEC)                                                                                

dWait             s              1                                  
 /copy qsysinc/qrpglesrc,qsprilsp                                  
 /copy qsysinc/qrpglesrc,qusec                                     
  QUSBPrv = 0;                                                   
  GetLstSplFID(QSPL0100 :%size(QSPL0100) :'SPRL0100' :QUSEC); 

  dsply ('Last file created is: ' + QSPSN03);                       
  dsply (' for job ' + %trimr(QSPJN00) + '/' +                     
          %trimr(QSPUN00) + '/' + QSPJNBR00);                      
  dsply (' Spool file number is ' + %char(QSPSNBR03)) ' ' Wait;              

  *inlr = *on;                                                     


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