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Written by Chamara   
      * Read the DataQ to see any records to be processed                      *
     P getDataQCnt     B                                                        
     D getDataQCnt     PI            10i 0                                      
     D GetDtaQD        PR                  Extpgm('QMHQRDQD')                   
     D  RtnVariable                2000a   OPTIONS(*VARSIZE)                    
     D  RtnVarLen                    10i 0 Const                                
     D  APIFMT                        8a   Const                                
     D  DTAQ                         20a   Const                                
     D DQDataF1        DS                  Inz                                  
     D  BytesRtn                     10i 0                                      
     D  BytesAvail                   10i 0 Inz(%size(DQDataF1))                 
     D  Max_Len                      10i 0                                  
     D  Key_Len                      10i 0                                  
     D  Q_Seq                         1a                                    
     D  Sender_ID                     1a                                    
     D  Force_Write                   1a                                    
     D  TextDesc                     50a                                    
     D  DtaQ_Type                     1a                                    
     D  Auto_Rcl                      1a                                    
     D  Reserved1                     1a                                    
     D  Cur_Msgs                     10i 0                                  
     D  CurEntry_Cap                 10i 0                                  
     D  DtaQName                     10a                                    
     D  DtaQLib                      10a                                    
     D  Max_Entry                    10i 0                                  
     D  Init_Entry                   10i 0                                  
     C                   callp     GetDtaQD(DQDataF1 : %size(DQDataF1) :    
     C                                       'RDQD0100' : qName)            
     C                   Return    Cur_Msgs                            
     P getDataQCnt     E                                               

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